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Jacques Hamel

During our 15 years of collaboration we have enjoyed the superior craftmanship exhibited by Sirois and Sons General Contractors. Their project management is exceptional and trusted by consistently creating the highest quality homes and finishes. One of our many projects together was hallmarked and awarded the Greater Ottawa Building Award (GOBA) in 2016. This project consisted of a renovation and addition to a heritage house in Old Ottawa South on Cameron Avenue. Sirois and Sons’ devotion to quality construction, knowledgeable foremanship and attention to detail resulted in a spectacular modern build while maintaining heritage integrity. Always an honour and privilege.

Hamel Design & Planning Inc.

Sirois and Sons have carried out several projects over the years at my residence, the most recent being a major kitchen and bathroom renovation. Pierre and his team are professional, knowledgeable, accountable, trustworthy and attentive to small detail. I plan to use their services for future home projects and would not hesitate in recommending them to others for any home renovation, large or small.

Liz Sawer

We did two renovations using Sirois and Sons contractors and they did a spectacular job. Their attention to quality and detail was amazing.
We renovated nearly the entire main and upper levels of the house including bedrooms, bathrooms, Kitchen, floors, etc. The quality work done by Sirois and Sons I believe, is largely responsible for selling our house after being on the Ottawa market for just one day.
Indeed the home inspector for the eventual owner commented that the renovations done by Sirois and Sons were of very high quality and that the house was "move in ready".
Anyone looking for a contractor for serious high quality renovations in or around Ottawa should look no further than Sirois and Sons.

Regan Khan
Formerly of 9 Bayswater Place, Ottawa

Grete Hale and her sister Gay Cook have lived since 1930 in the oldest house in Ottawa built in 1828. You can imagine there is often something interesting happening in the house that needs attention.
Pierre and his team are the ones we immediately contact to fix the problem. They cheerfully - no matter the hour of the day - arrive to help solve the problem.

Grete Hale & Gay Cook

This is to thank Sirois & Sons for the many times they have proved their technical skills at our home.
Starting in 2009 you have helped me to improve our home. It was you that discovered that the house was in danger from a single collapsed basement stud. You then chipped out a hole in the floor, poured a thick concrete base and installed a steel pipe. You saw the need to jack up three floors and then doubled the beams in our dining room: problem solved.
Similarly, you took off a sagging, pine balcony and replaced it with a harder South American wood that hasn't yet splintered. My BBQ and water fountain that you installed are a family treat.
Later you repaired a water leak and replaced the stone in our shower and bathroom. Happily, you rescued our English tiles and a mirror on the reverse of the shower wall. That enabled you to access the leaking water pipes in the main shower.
Your men are exceptional, both experienced and talented. We are so very grateful to you for your top-quality work. Thank you. I am very happy to recommend you to others looking for good work.

Peter Mackenzie

The residence of the Belgian Embassy is in Rockcliffe Park, one of the surviving nineteenth – century communities of it’s kind in North America. The neighbourhood is known for it’s historical houses.
As we are fully aware of the historical relevance of the building it speaks for itself why we are very careful with renovations to be done at the residence.
During 2015 and 2016 we had several big renovations to complete, to name a few: a new garage entrance, a new roof, basement renovations, painting of the façade…and still ongoing renovations on the walls in the yard of our residence.
We trusted Pierre Sirois and his team with the many projects, the overview and work on the residence.
The several projects were delivered on time, with weekly updates, problem solving if a problem came up and all in a very pleasant work relation. We are very satisfied with the end results.

Raoul Delcorde
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium

I have had the opportunity to collaborate as the architectural designer on several residential projects built by Sirois and Sons. From good builder input at the design stage through all the stages of construction and finishing, Pierre and his crew have made every effort to respect the integrity of the design as drawn while contributing excellent technical problem-solving skills. They have also taken much care to maintain open lines of communication throughout with both homeowners and designer to ensure a successful outcome to the project.

Michael Neelin
RiverSong Design

We are very pleased with our experience working with Sirois & Sons. They successfully completed a number of projects to help create our “accessible” home. They built a lovely enclosure and a fence for our endless pool, installed a back-up generator and adapted a bathroom to be more accessible (i.e. moved the toilet, designed and built some needed storage, put up tile to protect the walls from a wheelchair). They also put up a beautiful cedar ceiling under our deck, installed eavestroughing and two skylights, etc.).

We found the Sirois and Sons team to be friendly, co-operative and conscientious. They brought a high level of craftsmanship and professionalism that set them apart from others. Their commitment and willingness to provide quality work enables us to recommend Sirois & Sons to anyone in need of a first-rate contractor.

Karen Toop