Custom Home Renovations in Ottawa, ON

Sirois & Sons take great pride in enabling Ottawan home owners’ visions of their ideal home to flourish from the design stage into reality. They are committed to bringing out the full potential of your living space while also ensuring structural integrity. Home Renovations allow for those positive features of any home and its environs to be highlighted, creating a beautiful and accommodating space.

For those happy with their homes and simply requiring more functional space, Sirois and Sons will apply their extensive experience planning, designing and constructing home additions.  This may include extensions for ground and top floors, porches and sunrooms or doubling the square footage of your home.

Sirois & Sons has transformed many older houses into a tangible representation of the history of Ottawa. Contact our General Contractors in Ottawa, ON to discuss turning your older home into a true investment – in time, in money and in the past.

Ottawa General Contractors at Sirois & Sons have successfully completed hundreds of major home renovations throughout Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.

Our Home Renovation Services include:

Our General Contracting Services include: Home Renovations | Home AdditionsBarrier-Free Renovations | Home Inspections | Commercial Fit Ups | Special Projects

Get in touch with Ottawa General Contractors at Sirois & Sons to know more about Custom Home Renovation Services in Ottawa, ON.